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‘Invest N5b and get N10b in 3 years, Guaranteed!’ – Sijibomi Ogundele, MD/CEO Sujimoto


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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored article from SujiMoto, a luxury real estate company based in Lagos.

What has been the impact of COVID-19 on your business?

In every adversity, there is a blessing. Covid-19 has indeed been a blessing for me. I have come up with more ideas than ever and even had time to study my past and also re-assess the opportunities in real estate. Many have said that the real estate industry is one of the worst hit by the Covid-19 Pandemic, but we have been here before during the last recession and we didn’t sink! Just like other times, we shall learn from it, rise and re-strategise.

How do you intend take advantage of the opportunities in your industry post COVID-19?

To take advantage of the opportunities ahead of us, there are 3 fundamental Ps we are already implementing: People, Prudence and Projects.

Projects: We have 3 major projects we have in the pipeline that will bring a minimum of 200% ROI to Sujimoto. Most projects will last a minimum of 1 year, so while other organisations are in limbo, folding their hands and waiting for the Pandemic to be over before they take any meaningful action, we have already started. By the time the world is ready to restart, we will be done!

Prudence: We have instituted a diligent spending culture by putting an Opportunity Per Cost (OPC) strategy to every penny spent. We shall only spend what is necessary NOW!

People: The Job market is saturated with lots of experienced hands who had been let off as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and it is our intention to work ONLY with the best. Therefore, we will be employing ONLY the best and the essential.

Are there any opportunities for savvy investors in your company post COVID-19?

Crises are opportunities disguised as problems! We have developed a highly viable and profitable strategy and found an opportunity for savvy investors to invest N5 billion into Sujimoto and get N10 billion back in 3 years. This is guaranteed!

Treasury bills and other money market instruments will give you 5 – 10% ROI on your investment but this is 100% ROI and it is guaranteed!

This investment is NOT for everyone, it is ONLY for the vital few, who can identify opportunities, when they see one. Please contact me directly via my email [email protected], and I will be available to meet ONLY the vital serious few.

It’s simple, we are looking for the Warren Buffets who are able to discern opportunities and grab them! We will not quickly forget Ronald Wayne who sold his Apple shares in 1976 for $800. Today, that share is worth 90 billion dollars!

In all my projects, I always try to invite few friends to invest early. Many invest with me and make 200% ROI, while others simply take it for granted!

Some people say that there are more than 2,000 empty apartments in Banana Island, Ikoyi and VI, but how does that affect you?

When you negotiate the price of greatness, you pay the full price for mediocrity. For us at Sujimoto, we do not know what ‘empty apartment’ means because in the heat of 2016/17 recession, we sold out projects in Ikoyi. Our just concluded Giuliano project in Banana Island was sold-out 6 months before completion! Not only did we sell out, we have also witness about 3 other resale, where a lady bought at N350 million and she sold for N480 million, making N130 million in 11months.

At Sujimoto, we have only two things going for us, Quality and Integrity. I have no sponsors; no rich Father or powerful Aunt, all I have is my Word and an addiction to Quality.

Will there be any major changes to the way you do business post COVID-19?

Change is the only thing that is permanent. We will be doing a lot more of commercial real estate than residential. As a matter of fact, we don’t want to do a lot of off-plan sales anymore except for special residential off-plans.

We will also focus on building private projects for people. We are also interested in lands in Ikoyi or Banana Island for outright sale or JVs. Anyone who has a good land in a great location can contact me directly, OWNERS ONLY please.

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