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Citizens’ Needs Assessment, Critical To Effective Governance, Says Egbemode


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Osun’s Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation, Mrs Funke Egbemode, has prescribed citizens’ needs assessments at different levels as important to effective governance in the country.

Ms Egbemode made asked all tiers of government to predicate their agenda on the the needs and aspirations of the people, for it to be effective and fruitful.

She said “Running Nigeria or dealing with governance in Nigeria is quite complicated because Nigerians are politically savvy. So, I would say that don’t decide for Nigerians, rather ask them what their needs are”.

She said this prescription is applicable to governance at every level, positing that it is counterproductive to prescribe whimsical solutions without proper acknowledgement of the people’s needs.

She also said that “governance becomes a lot easier when the leader knows what the people’s needs are before drafting an agenda. Whatever the agenda you use during campaign period, tailor it to the people’s needs when you come into office so that you are on the same page with the people you are governing”.

While still highlighting the imperative was of citizens’ needs assessments, Egbemode commented on the issue of resource mobilization, affirming that wastages could be addressed when the actual needs of citizens are focused on.

She also said that: “Governance becomes easier when you take into consideration what your people need and you stay focused on it. It would prevent you from drawing up a 14-point agenda for a situation where a four-point agenda will suffice.

Citing the Governor Adegboyega Oyetola example in Osun, Egbemode said “I that the Governor, after being elected, did a citizens’ needs assessments with the DFID United Kingdom. The Governor had a thank you tour, went from community to community and from Constituency to Constituency within the State, and it was discovered through this exercise that what is needed in Oshogbo for instance is different from what is needed in Ayedaade and Boripe constituencies”.

Egbemode was also full of praise for the Governor of Osun, Mr Adegboyega Oyetola, whom she described as a man of patience, who is very painstaking, thinks things through and listens to every advice with calmness.

She also lauded Mr Oyetola as a man whose balancing act has almost become magical considering how he joggles his balls without anyone falling, even in the midst of meagre resources in the State. In her words, “he is a man who prioritizes well.”

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